Youth and Young Adults Division

You're invited to watch a film that presents Israel Elwyn's four Youth and Young Adults Division's programs. Israel Elwyn's Youth and Young Adults Division is a leader in Israel with a continuum of programs with a wide range of content that offers youth and young adults with disabilities equal opportunities and promotes rights in all aspects of their lives. Israel Elwyn believes that each and every person in the community has a right to be included in society, not distanced and isolated. The overall goal of Israel Elwyn's programs is to provide the individual and the group with the tools and supports that will enable them to raise their level of independence and activity within the community: inclusion in the world of employment in the community, acquiring skills through post-high school education, acquiring recreational and community services, and taking an active part in the community. We invite all Israeli youth and young adults to come take part in one of Israel Elwyn's programs in order to together build your future as equal citizens in the community. For additional information, contact Yaron Samimi, Director - Youth and Young Adults Division, Israel Elwyn:

The film was produced by Picasso Productions.

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