Vocational Services System - Haifa and the North

The Occupational Services System is based on a continuum of rehabilitation services that provide a range of supports for people with disabilities. This begins with a protected environment, such as the Occupational Training Center (OTC) and continues to work enclaves and individualized supported employment in the community. Israel Elwyn believes that a range of occupational services and supports can provide a suitable outcome for each individual, in accordance with his or her abilities and desires. The ultimate purpose of the programs is to provide tools and supports for people in order to improve their level of independence and inclusion within the working world. The occupational system today serves 120 individuals with various levels of supports and services.

The Occupational Training Center's 55 participants are men and women aged 21 to 50 who require ongoing guidance and supports to continue working productively as well as behavioral supports. Most of the routine work in the OTC is assorted work at tables, assembly and packaging. The wide assortment of work in the Center's three departments enables more individuals to progress in a more extensive range of fields.

About 60 men and women aged 21 to 50 participate in the Supported Employment Program. While many are individually placed in jobs, some are temporarily placed in the supported employment enclave program and are employed at Kibbutz Yagur’s Zoo, the grounds of the Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa, and in the Vocational Training program operated by Israel Elwyn at the Sephardic Parents' Home in Haifa, as well as at other places of employment in Haifa.

A social worker from the Municipality of Haifa is available to help participants and their parents with any problems that may arise.


Adults aged 21 years and over who require extensive supports in most activities of daily living.

Referral Procedure:

Referrals come from the Municipality of Haifa Department of Rehabilitation, Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services Rehabilitation Department, special education schools, Departments of Social Services in the Haifa area or directly from parents.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Hebrew, Arabic and Russian speaking adults are welcome to help initiate enrichment activities in the areas of sports and arts and crafts or to help teach the participants occupational skills.


1 Nahum Arman St., crnr 5 Yigal Yadin St., Haifa
Tel: 04-862-8134 Fax: 04-864-0985

Hours of Operation:

Sunday-Thursday: 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.