The Katie Manson Sensory Garden

Israel Elwyn's Katie Manson Sensory Garden adds a further dimension to the services offered to people with disabilities. Located in Jerusalem, the Garden and its green, calm and relaxing environment encourage enjoyable activity and sensory stimulation through equipment designed especially for this purpose by a team of professionals and which has been placed in a supportive area that is accessible for all visitors' disabilities. Designed to respect the adult user and his or her needs, the Garden's equipment is nevertheless suitable for all ages. The Garden is divided into four areas, each dedicated to a different sense: touch, sight, hearing and smell; this separation heightens sensory stimulation and enables the discernable but independent stimulation and activation of each sense.

The Touch Pavilion – Sensory experiences for the entire body and experimentation with a variety of materials and textures, including a beaded device which provides back massage, a rocking chair, a texture table, and others.

The Sight Pavilion – Experimentation with colors, shapes and visual illusions, along with activity that encourages eye-hand-leg coordination. Features include mirrors that provide distorted reflections, colored surfaces, and a large magnifying glass.

The Hearing Pavilion - Unique instruments create vibrations and low tones (also suitable for people with hearing disabilities) that can be played and to which visitors can listen. The instruments include percussion instruments such as bells, a xylophone, and a sound table.

The Smell (and Taste) Pavilion - Scented plants and herbs allow experiential experimentation with smells and tastes. Visitors can plant, produce smells and tastes, and investigate artificial scents.

Interactive Figures - This new section allows activity that integrates all of the senses through various technologies emphasizing gross motor activity. Nine larger than life-size figures each have a unique character that encourages sensory activity.

The Garden's quality and uniqueness lies in the attention and thought invested in integrating rehabilitative-treatment activity with experiences in an esthetic and serene corner of nature.

Activities can be adapted to individuals or to groups. Visits may be arranged in advance for a small fee.

For an advance taste of the Katie Manson Sensory Garden, see and see our brochure.

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For details:  Reut – Sensory Garden Coordinator, 052 602 4436 or 02 643 1051, ext. 135 or

The Sensory Garden was established with the assistance of: The Jerusalem Foundation, Shalem Fund, Albert Beresin Trust, Jerusalem Municipality – Department of Social Services, United Jewish Israel Appeal – Manchester, England, National Insurance Institute – Fund for the Development of Services for the Disabled, and Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services – Department for Services for the Person with Intellectual Disability.

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