Supported Living Services

The Supported Living Services complex is divided into three centers, each with a professional director, case managers, direct support staff and therapists from a variety of disciplines. Medical and dental services are available in all three centers. Located in the complex is a Work Activity Center where many of the residents are taught basic work skills and appropriate work behaviors while producing a wide variety of products, including ceramics, wooden items for the home, recycled writing paper and envelopes, and herbs and plants grown on site. An assortment of recreational activities from pottery to various sports are available to all of the residents.

In addition, the residents have strong relations with various groups in the community, such as the Ir Ganim Organic Coooperative, the Reform Community of Zur Hadassa, the Beit Hillel Community, Nofim Retirement Home, Har HaMor Community, Project Travel and others. The residents meet with the groups for activities relating to holidays, commercial exchanges and other subjects, both at the Centers and elsewhere.

The 70 residents in one center require total care, are non-ambulatory and for the most part have severe and profound developmental disabilities. Aside from the goal of maintaining present skill levels and providing health care and physical therapy, the staff works on communication, very basic work skills and fostering independence as much as possible, while making the surroundings (both at the Centers and elsewhere) accessible and adjusting them on an individual level to each resident's changing needs.

The second center is home to 90 older adolescents and adults with moderate to severe developmental disabilities and additional behavioral challenges, who need extensive supports in most activities of daily living. Most of these residents attend the Work Activity Center during the morning hours.

89 adults with moderate developmental disabilities who require partial support in the activities of daily living reside in the third center. Most are senior citizens. The majority are ambulatory, with some needing wheelchairs. These residents spend their mornings at the Work Activity Center. In the afternoons they enjoy various courses and activities in the community, while guided and accompanied by the direct support staff.


Adults who have cognitive disabilities and may or may not also have physical, sensory, behavioral or other challenges.

Referral Procedure:

There is no intake at this time.

Volunteer Opportunities:

We welcome both individuals and groups as well as host families as volunteers, mainly to assist with social activities and activities for weekends and religious holidays at the Centers and in the community. A special need is for people to visit specific residents on a weekly basis. Long term foreign and local volunteers who require housing may be given accommocation on site as well as pocket money.

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