Occupational Training Services - Ra'anana

A continuum of services is provided by Israel Elwyn, affording each individual the opportunity to realize his/her abilities and talents relating to the world of work. The following programs are available in Ra'anana:

  • Adult Day Center
  • Work Activity Center
  • Supported Employment - occupational placement in the open job market, with ongoing supports


Adults with special needs over 21 years of age and students in schools in Ra'anana and the area who are ready for vocational training prior to joining the Occupational Training Center or placement in a supported job.


Referrals may come from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services's Department of Services for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities or Department of Rehabilitation, or from the Department of Rehabilitation of the municipality of Ra'anana or elsewhere in the region. Candidates must also be approved by the center's Intake Committee.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Any volunteer assistance is welcome. For further details, call 09-774-4428 or email debby@IsraelElwyn.org.il.


5 Etzion St., Ra'anana 43000
Tel: 09-774-4428 Fax: 09-774-0877

Hours of Operation:

Sunday to Thursday: 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.