Israel Elwyn's Programs

Israel Elwyn provides direct support services annually to over 5,200 children and adults with developmental and other disabilities and over the years has assisted tens of thousands of individuals to take advantage of their abilities. As a cutting-edge leader in Israel in rehabilitation, early intervention, supported living, youth transition programs, vocational training and employment services, and self-advocacy for persons with disabilities, our mission is to help provide these individuals with the means to achieve independence, inclusion in the community and dignity. Israel Elwyn is committed to excellence, professional development, and comprehensive support services at a level which meets international standards of excellence and state-of-the-art methodology. We have had ongoing success in providing the highest quality support services, which includes a nationally recognized reputation for accomplishments in critical early intervention programs for children. All of our programs are licensed and accredited, and are funded by government sources for day-to-day funding. Israel Elwyn received the Shalem Fund's "Excellence Award" in 2006 and for several previous years for ground-breaking projects to benefit persons with developmental disabilities and holds the Midot Seal of Effectiveness. We have more than one thousand professional staff as well as volunteers in programs throughout Israel.