Personal Stories

Sima - A Personal Story

Sima is a 40 year old woman with disabilities who grew up in her family home and in 2007 moved to Beit Chanan. This supported apartment building is operated by Israel Elwyn for adults with disabilities and provides them with optimal independence.

Diagnosed at an early age with cerebral palsy resulting from an organic brain injury, Sima also has an intellectual disability and uses a wheelchair. Sima's good verbal abilities enable her to converse and express how she feels both emotionally and physically, all of which allows IE to adapt supports to her specific needs.

Sima's vocational career began in IE's Sabbah Center’s Occupational Training Center, where she learned the skills required to perform a variety of tasks, including packaging disposable cutlery for Israeli restaurant chains and preparing mass mailings for customers that range from private businesses to government entities.

Three years ago, Sima expressed a desire to advance her professional skills and to earn more money. Since then she has been working at one of IE's social enterprises which provides varying levels of work, ranging from packaging to entering data on computers.

Sima's family is supportive of her and proud of the goals she has achieved with the help of Israel Elwyn’s high caliber professionals and successful service programs.


Moranne – A Personal Story

Moranne, a participant in Israel Elwyn’s employment programs who has cerebral palsy, began her relationship with IE as a student in the 18+ Program. She worked two days a week as part of this transitional employment program for special education students. After graduating from the Ilanot School, IE's Supported Employment Program sponsored Moranne’s move into a position at the Shaarei Zedek Medical Center. As the years passed, she made excellent progress and now holds a permanent position in Shaarei Zedek’s pharmacy department.

Moranne's involvement with IE's employment programs enabled her to become a successful, productive employee. She overcame functional difficulties in performing work tasks while learning important professional ethics and specialized skills that equip her to be effective in the stressful work environment of the hospital.

Moranne is an example for all. She proves that with determination, persistence, and support from others, the sky is the limit for people with physical disabilities.

Moranne told her story in her own words:

“My name is Moranne. As a student at the Ilanot School, I worked in several places such as a health clinic and a municipal court. These were good experiences and I enjoyed them. In each of these workplaces I had different experiences and got to know nice people.

“Nowadays I work at the Shaarei Zedek Medical Center's pharmacy with the help of Israel Elwyn's Supported Employment Program. My job is to enter data and prescriptions on the computer. I enjoy my work, the workplace, and especially the people with whom I work. It took me some time to learn the job, but today, I work really well and fast. At the beginning I worked as a volunteer, but in October 2007 I was hired as a regular employee at the Shaarei Zedek Medical Center. This makes me very happy because it makes me feel that I can make a contribution, just like anyone else.”


Nadav – A Personal Story

Nadav is a young man in his early thirties. After graduating from a special education high school, he tried to find a job independently. Because of his physical limitations it was difficult for him to find a paying job, so he volunteered in several places. In 2006, Nadav was accepted into Israel Elwyn's Supported Employment Program. Upon completing IE's training program, Nadav began work as an usher at the Knesset, Israel's parliament.

Nadav works as an usher in the Knesset and in the course of his work distributed proposed legislation to members of the Knesset and helps visitors find their way in the building.

Nadav overcomes his physical limitations and makes great use of his fine interpersonal skills. He loves his work at the Knesset and calls on all people with disabilities to be included in workplaces in the community. His devotion to his work in the Knesset helps brings public recognition of the important of inclusion and the contribution that people with disabilities can make to workplaces and to the community.

Israel Elwyn supports hundreds of individuals in the competitive job market through the job coaching staff of its Supported Employment Program.