National Job Training and Placement Program

In 2007, Israel Elwyn was one of five organizations chosen by Israel's National Insurance Institute (Israel's Social Security Administration) to operate a national job training and placement program for persons referred by the Institute.

Those referred to this program have a medical disability of at least 20% and are interested in meaningful employment. This includes people who have had work injuries or have various emotional and/or physical disabilities.

The program is aimed mainly at individuals with disabilities who have academic degrees or professional certificates, for assistance in finding work in the competitive job market and maintaining stability in the workplace. To provide more extensive employment solutions, Israel Elwyn has partnered with a large human resources agency.  The synergy between the agency - with employers - and Israel Elwyn - in providing supports and adaptations for the worker with disabilities - enable more people to join the job market.

For further information:

  • West Jerusalem and surrounding region:  Naama Sompolinski, Tel: 02-650-1130/40 and see brochure.
  • East Jerusalem:  Issam Jamal, Tel:  02-628-6244
  • Haifa and Northern Israel:  Margalit Peleg, Tel: 04-862-8134and see brochure.
  • Sharon and Central Israel: Racheli Fruchter, Tel: 09-774-4428
  • Southern Israel:  Dorit Abdu, Tel/Fax: 08-642-1130