The Nassau Preschool - Extracurricular Program

The activity is conducted in groups of eight children. Each group has two counselors who engage the children in story time, music, a dark room for sensory activities, arts and crafts, etc. Once a week a professional counselor provides zootherapy, which includes becoming acquainted with animals, as well as petting, feeding and playing with them. The purpose of the extracurricular program is to extend the educational program's hours in order to assist parents (often working parents) with meeting the challenges of raising a child who has developmental disabilities while providing the children with additional enjoyable and therapeutic activities.


Classes are open to preschool children aged three to seven residing in Haifa and its environs who have been assessed with moderate developmental disabilities and who attend the Nassau Preschool.

Referral Procedure:

Any child accepted by the Nassau Preschool is eligible for this program after assessment and placement by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services' Department for Services for Persons with Mental Retardation. Once this process is complete, each child is placed in a group based on age and functional level.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Hebrew, Arabic and Russian speaking teenagers and adults are welcome to help with existing enrichment activities or initiating new enrichment programs in music, dance and arts and crafts.


26 HaGefen Street, Haifa 35053
Tel: 052-602-4527 Fax: 04-831-4433

Hours of Operation:

Sunday-Thursday: 2:30-5:30 p.m.