• Jerusalem Elwyn founded at the initiative of the Municipality of Jerusalem and the Government of Israel as an offshoot of the American nonprofit, Elwyn Inc.
  • First programs:  two occupational training centers (OTCs) and an Adult Day Center (program for individuals with significant support needs)


  • First supported employment program in Israel for persons with developmental disabilities initiated


  • Management of Jerusalem-based Residential Centers (formerly known as the Swedish Village) assumed from the Government of Israel


  • Vocational training and job placement services begun for National Insurance Institute referrals


  • IE assumes management of the Dvora Agmon Preschool Center, founded in 1971 by the late Prof. Naomi Amir, which maintains an international reputation for the education, training and care of children with Cerebral Palsy and communication disorders


  • Supported community residential apartments established in Jerusalem
  • Early Intervention Center (ages 18 months to three years) opened at Dvora Agmon Preschool Center
  • Training Center for supported employment established at Hadassah Medical Center in Ein Kerem
  • Supported community residential apartments established in Herzliya at request of Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services


  • Program for people with autism opened at Adult Day Center


  • 18+ program established, a unique transitional program to prepare high school students in special education for the world of work


  • IE's community services and management move to new Sabbah Center building in Jerusalem
  • Direct Mail social enterprise established as a small business unit at Moshav Ora
  • Haifa branch opened at the request of the Municipality of Haifa, providing services at Hosen Day Center, Nassau preschool, and the Occupational Training Center


  • Name changed from Jerusalem Elwyn to Israel Elwyn
  • "Mirkam" food service training course established
  • Establishment of Mandell Fellowship, a multi-year program funded by the Samuel P. Mandell Foundation making possible annual week long visits among rehabilitation professionals in Israel and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
  • Israel Elwyn begins operating as an independent entity, ending its managerial ties with the American Elwyn Inc.


  • Vocational training programs initiated in the western Negev (southern Israel) and in Beit Shemesh for people referred by the National Insurance Institute
  • Early Intervention program for toddlers 1-3 years of age opened at Nassau kindergarten in Haifa
  • IE joins Inclusion International, an international federation of organizations working for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community


  • Vocational training program opened in Be'er Sheva for people referred by the National Insurance Institute


  • Seniors program opened at Sabbah Center (in Jerusalem) for retirees with disabilities
  • "Everyone Can Contribute" program – IE residents volunteer their time and talents to the community (Jerusalem), funded by an initial grant from the New York UJA/Federation
  • Tinokiya operates for three years as part of the Dvora Agmon Preschool in Jerusalem
  • Inclusive pre-kindergarten opened in Jerusalem
  • Israel Elwyn joins IAJVS (International Associate of Jewish Vocational Services)


  • Direct Mail social enterprise moves from Moshav Ora to Talpiot commercial district


  • Afternoon enrichment program opened in Haifa for students of Gil School


  • Masad course established to train individuals in making home repairs and giving assistance with logistics to the elderly and others
  • Digital archiving project established in Jerusalem as a social enterprise
  • IE celebrates 20 years


  • IE residents who volunteer in "Everyone Can Contribute" program receive Shalem Foundation Award for Excellence
  • Drama group established at community residences in Jerusalem – "I'm Inspired" play premiers at Israel Museum
  • Patt Forum of Israeli organizations that operate rehabilitation employment programs formed at IE's initiative
  • Florida's South Palm Beach Federation and Boca Raton Jewish Association for Residential Care (JARC) enter into professional exchange program with IE


  • City of Ra'anana chooses IE to manage its vocational services for persons with developmental disabilities
  • Sabbah Center's Activity Garden dedicated
  • Residents of Tal Residential Center in joint Torah study program with children from Zur Hadassah community
  • Nationwide training of other service providers for transition to Supported Employment provided by IE with JDC funding
  • Tzomet Center opened in Beit Shemesh to help employees with disabilities referred by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services acquire work skills in preparation for placement in the competitive job market


  • Katie Manson Sensory Garden inaugurated in Jerusalem
  • Shalem Foundation Award received for digital archiving social enterprise
  • Kibbutz Usha Early Intervention Center opened
  • Beit Bloom on residential centers campus in Jerusalem opened to residents
  • IE Tal Residential Center photography club exhibition at Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
  • Residents move into new Beit Chanan supported apartment building in Jerusalem


  • Dedication of Feinstein Building on Legacy Heritage Campus, housing the Dvora Agmon Preschool in Jerusalem
  • Roizman Early Intervention Center dedicated in Jerusalem
  • IE selected to provide Supported Employment services in all four regions of Israel by Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services' Dept. of Rehabilitation
  • IE selected by Municipality of Ashkelon to provide occupational training and other vocational services for persons with developmental disabilities
  • Early Intervention Center opened for children with autism in the Galilee Region in Carmiel
  • Stein Early Intervention Center dedicated in Haifa
  • IE's influence on the national legislative scene reaches new heights with passing of amendment to the Early Intervention Law by Knesset (the Israeli legislative body)
  • International exchange between IE’s young adults and JARC Agency in Boca Raton, Florida
  • IE chosen by Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services to develop new transition program "From School to the World of Work"
  • City of Kfar Yonah chooses IE to develop occupational training and employment programs
  • Knesset enters into standard employer-employee relationship (with full benefits) for individuals with disabilities employed for years through IE (see video of ceremony on
  • Tinokia reopens at Roizman Early Intervention Center in Jerusalem, serving infants and their parents


  • Expansion of Katie Manson Sensory Garden completed
  • Israel Elwyn celebrates 25 years of support services for people with disabilities
  • Kfar Yonah Regional Occupational Training Center opens
  • After many years of cooperative activity, Israel Elwyn chosen by the popular Israel chain of espresso bars, Aroma Espresso Bar Israel, as a favored community partner



  • Construction begun on new Albert Beresin Occupational Training Center in Haifa
  • Establishment of support and guidance group for parents and siblings of aging individuals with disabilities living in IE's Supported Living Program, as they face challenges associated with the passage of time (death, guardianship, inheritance, etc.)
  • Expansion of the Academy for Training, Support & Guidance's activities to develop new directions, strengthen ties with IE's branches and service recipients, further develop level of cooperation with other organizations, and upgrade promotional activities
  • Expansion of Early Intervention Centers in Carmiel and in the Krayot suburbs of Haifa (located at Kibbutz Usha)
    New program opened in Jerusalem at IE's Sabbah Center for students from a school for young adults with cerebral palsy, preparing them for the world of work
  • Fully accessible women's health clinic opened at IE's Supported Living Program in Jerusalem for periodic check ups and treatment on site, rather than having to travel to an unfamiliar clinic where their needs are often not met or understood. Equipment includes an adapted examination table that can be lowered and raised, and an ultrasound machine
  • Two day-long seminars held in Carmiel on autism for participants including preschool teachers from special and regular education schools, to provide background information, focusing on early detection, therapeutic treatment methods, and helping families understand and cope with autism
  • Recognition of Israel Elwyn’s outstanding supported employees with disabilities and their major contribution to the condition of Jerusalem’s sports fields as part of a three-way public-private partnership among the City of Jerusalem, Aroma Espresso Bar Israel Ltd. and Israel Elwyn, at a ceremony hosted by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat on November 7
  • Willner Garden Pavilion dedicated November 22 in the presence of leading donor Morris Willner and family members, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yona Metzger, and leading figures from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, the National Insurance Institute, and residents of our supported living program and their families, as well as IE staff. IE's main Jerusalem site is now fully accessible from the Sabbah Center at the top to the bottom of the campus 


  • Retiree Day Center in Haifa moved on January 4 to larger and newly renovated premises, enabling increase in number of participants to 32 and expansion of range of activities offered, allowing these retirees with disabilities to enjoy a range of activities and therapeutic services
  • "Preparation for Work" transition program for special education students ages 16-21 approved for operation in four Tel Aviv schools
  • Cooperation with Hebrew University – Ein Kerem Campus begun on two fronts. Since October 2010, the building and infrastructure department has directly employed a worker with disabilities with ongoing support from IE’s job coaching staff. The campus has also contracted IE's digital archiving social enterprise to scan, repair and categorize 1,000 technical drawings
  • Cooperation begun with the McDonald's chain, which owns 154 restaurants in Israel. Our first supported employees with disabilities include one in the chain's logistics center and three in various branches
  • IE invited by the City of Herzliya to operate a continuum of employment and occupational training services

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