Kibbutz Usha (Krayot Region) Early Intervention Center

This early intervention program accepts toddlers from multicultural backgrounds, including Jews and Arabs, new immigrants and veteran Israelis. The Early Intervention Center's (EIC) two classes are each staffed by a special education teacher and two teacher’s aides. Individiualized programs for each child are created by a multi-disciplinary team in the fields of physical, occupational and communication therapies, both individually and in groups. In addition, there are educational enrichment activities in crafts and music. The individualized and group education and rehabilitation programs offered to each child provide the stepping stones necessary for cognitive, motor and language development, as well as to help him or her progress in the activities of daily living and self-help skills.

Israel Elwyn's programs for children in the north of Israel are unique in their holistic treatment of the child and family. The child's treatment is done according to an individualized program that relates to the child's needs and abilities throughout the entire day. Guidance and counseling for the family is no less important and focuses on accepting the child, training for home treatment and recreational activities. The parents are full partners, are involved in their child's treatment program at the EIC and receive intensive guidance from the staff.


The program is open to children between the ages of six months to three years-old with a diagnosis of developmental delay, have special needs and who reside in the Krayot area north of Haifa.

Referral Procedure:

Referrals come from the assessment committee convened in accordance with the Early Intervention Law and includes supervisors from various departments in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services and representatives from the Ministry of Health.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Hebrew speaking adults are welcome to assist:

  1. the children during program hours with rehabilitation activities under staff supervision;
  2. with enrichment programs in music, movement and arts and crafts, both with individuals and groups; and
  3. with light maintenance of the center, for example in basic carpentry or plumbing.


Kibbutz Usha (Krayot region of Haifa suburbs)
Tel/fax: 04-845-8566    Tel:  04-845-8641

Hours of Operation:

Sunday-Thursday: 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Friday: 7:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.