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A Light to Shine Throughout the Year

January 2017


L-r: Oil and wick menorah; menorah with wax candles

The service recipients at Israel Elwyn's Sabbah Occupational Training Center (OTC) in Jerusalem often perform work that relates to upcoming holidays. Just in time for Hanuka, they wound up a full month spent in preparing 30,000 candle sets for one of the center's long time customers: Menora Candles.

The work demands their full attention and excellent motor coordination. After positioning a plastic tray within a box, they insert forty-four cups for the traditional oil lights in their holes; each cup then receives a wick that has been secured in a float. As the work progressed and the piles of boxes grew, the excitement was palpable. Each person knew that the results of their labors would reach homes throughout Israel, helping families celebrate Hanuka.

The service recipients were also aware that completing this job signaled the time for their own Hanuka party at the Occupational Training Center. They helped the staff plan the party and looked forward to lighting the candles and having a first taste of traditional holiday food: potato pancakes, donuts and more.

Each of the service recipients at IE's Sabbah Occupational Training Center has his or her own goals, focusing on placement and employment in the competitive job market. Together with IE's professionals, they prepare a program that will help them achieve their goals through learning about their responsibilities and rights as employees. IE currently provides on the job support services for about one thousand workers with disabilities and also works with employers who are interested in having workers with disabilities join their workforce.

In addition to contracting with the OTC in Jerusalem for packaging work, Menorah also employs a group of individuals with disability, with supports from Israel Elwyn, at their factory in Sderot in southern Israel.

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IE's mission is to develop and provide a wide array of supports and tools for people with disabilities, while constantly striving for excellence of service and the creation of a just society. Together with people with disabilities and society at large, we shall continue working as an innovative and cutting-edge organization.

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