The Gil School - Extracurricular Program

The program is operated in groups of eight individuals each. Each group has two counselors who engage the children in story hours, music, a dark room for sensory activities, arts and crafts, etc. In addition, a professional team works with the children on more advanced activities in art (such as papier-mâché), music, and occupational therapy. All these activities are geared toward enriching the children’s leisure time, as well as inculcating knowledge and proficiency beyond what is rendered during school hours. Besides helping the parents by extending the child's activities beyond regular school hours, this program is an asset in developing each child's capabilties.


Individuals with disabilities aged 7 to 21 who live in Haifa or the vicinity and where there are no extracurricular activities, and attend the Gil Day School.

Referral Procedure:

The parents must apply to the school's social worker. Candidates then pass through a process with the evaluation committee of the Department of Services for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities. Following acceptance, the school principal and the program coordinator place the child in a suitable group.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Hebrew and Russian speaking volunteers are welcome to help in the following areas:

  1. with existing enrichment activities in music, dance and creative art; and
  2. accompanying and training individuals in basic skills.


34 HaTishbi St., Haifa 34526
Tel: 04-833-2266, Fax: 04-831-1839

Hours of Operation:

Sunday to Wednesday: 2:30-5:00 p.m.