Occupational Therapy Team

The occupational therapy team provides treatment for most of the children at the Roizman Early Intervention Center (“Maon HaYom HaShikumi”). The aim of the occupational therapy is to improve the children’s functioning in various areas of life, including play and basic everyday tasks such as getting dressed, eating, mobility and leisure.

Treatment is provided individually, in groups, and through intervention and guidance during the preschool’s daily activities in accordance with each child’s individual educational program and the way in which such intervention can most effectively advance that program.

Methods of treatment include assistive technological devices (computers, powered wheelchairs, adaptive games) and other devices such as seating aids, arm and hand orthoses and more.

The occupational therapy team operates several unique projects:

  • Groups in the older children’s classes – There are groups that enhance social and didactic play, while others deal with preparation for elementary school through improving graphomotor skills, such as painting, drawing and writing. The goal is to bolster the children’s independence and to help them acquire the various skills necessary for proper and effective functioning in the school settings in which they will be placed.
  • Treatment for children with hemiplegia – This system of individual and group treatments for children with hemiplegia is based on CIMT (constraint-induced movement therapy), which encourages the use of the affected arm by restricting the movement of the functioning arm.
  • Leisure time – Occupational therapy intervention takes a comprehensive overview of the lives of the children and their parents. As such, intervention relates to different aspects of the child’s life, including leisure time activities outside the preschool framework. This approach led to the formation of a soccer team made up of children and parents and to the establishment of a lending library for games that can be played at home.
  • Groups for powered mobility – Children acquire skills in operating powered wheelchairs in a group setting. This type of learning experience, which makes use of games and social interactions, is a pioneering effort in the field of powered mobility.

Of the six members of the occupational therapy team, four are certified in the treatment of infants and children with cerebral palsy using the Bobath Technique. The team also includes rehabilitative aides and two volunteers who implement part of the intervention plan under the guidance of the professional staff.

Each year, the team undertakes the training of occupational therapy students, as well as maintaining research relationships with several occupational therapy schools in Israel in order to offer the most comprehensive and intensive treatment possible.

Several of the occupational therapy team’s projects have generated great interest when they were presented at international conferences, both in Israel and abroad.