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Gaya and the Wizzybug

June 2016


Above, Gaya enjoys the freedom and mobility that the new Wizzybug offers

Three and a half-year old Gaya's parents and doctors knew that she had delayed development, but her diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy was only made at the beginning of the current school year, just before she began to attend Israel Elwyn's (IE) Carmiel Early Intervention Center.

Gaya is a naturally curious child who happily interacts with her surroundings.  Although she does not yet speak, Gaya is able to articulate her wants and needs through full use of facial expressions and sounds as well as an interactive iPad communication board.  A while ago she started using a walker, but the need to work very hard to take even a few steps has interfered with her ability to physically explore and participate in the classroom and on the playground.

All that has changed since the arrival of the Wizzybug acquired with the support of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, when IE's staff, led by our physical and occupational therapists, agreed that Gaya was one of the children in the Center who could benefit from this new tool.  A new development program was created for Gaya and the other children, including driving lessons.  They learned how to go forward, reverse, maneuver between obstacles, and use caution when other people are near.

Gaya can now aim for a goal with confidence that she will reach it, without being left behind by the other children and without having to depend on anyone else.  She can be seen dashing from place to place in the Wizzybug, joining in activities with her classmates and staff.

Gaya's parents are overjoyed with Gaya’s newfound freedom and the confidence it has given her.  They hope to someday acquire a Wizzybug for their home thus allowing the entire family to go on errands and to the playground together.

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