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Ensuring a Safe Workplace

August 2018


At Israel Elwyn (IE), the intake of new employees involves considerable training and skill acquisition, while also learning about the organization and its terminology, attitudes and approaches to the world of disability.  The training process includes intensive orientation days held at each branch throughout the country to learn about the correct terminology used at IE to describe people, their rights, disabilities and services.  Additional training covers the characteristics of intellectual disability, the regulations on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, what the employee’s pay slip includes, and social benefits, among other subjects.  Inhouse staff training continues throughout the employment period, with new and veteran employees rubbing shoulders and sharing knowledge and experiences.

IE Chief Operating Officer Margalit Piller speaking to audience


On July 23, senior IE staff met in Jerusalem for instruction on the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace, with the aim of raising awareness of the Israeli law on the subject and initiating discussion.  Israel Elwyn attributes importance to a safe working environment and recognizes the need to safeguard both staff and service recipients. 

Gvool lawyer Idit Milet Bar-Oz, Esq.                                     Gvool professionals


Professional instruction was provided by a team from the Gvool (Limit) initiative, a training center on the legislation on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.  Idit Milet Bar-Oz, Esq., an expert on labor law, together with Gvool actors Ofira Zilberstein and Dori Angel, clarified the law’s main points through analysis and the portrayal of several scenes based on actual events.  The dramatic scenes demonstrated how situations can be interpreted differently by those involved and how the law does – or doesn’t – delineate the grey areas.  Lively discussion by staff followed on how these issues affect staff and service recipients and should be handled.

Gvool actress Ofira Zilberstein


The occasion offered participants a refresher on the points of law and defined the need to raise awareness for the benefit of all IE staff and service recipients.

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David B. Marcu, Chief Executive Officer

IE's mission is to develop and provide a wide array of supports and tools for people with disabilities, while constantly striving for excellence of service and the creation of a just society. Together with people with disabilities and society at large, we shall continue working as an innovative and cutting-edge organization.

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