Israel Elwyn has been able to provide unique, innovative services to people with disabilities all over Israel through the invaluable assistance of our generous donors as well as the government funding we receive for each service.

Thanks to our friends, we can expand the range of services we offer to children and adults, and improve quality of life and the facilities in which many services are offered.

We invite you to join the Israel Elwyn family. You can help provide individuals with the tools that enable them to make decisions about their own lives and to gain more independence through living and working in the community.

You can contribute now by clicking on Donate Now or by sending a check to:

American Friends of Israel Elwyn
POB 828284
Philadelphia, PA 19182-8284
Tel: (267) 225-5132
Fax: (215) 830-0351

Canadian Friends of Israel Elwyn
74 Tycos Drive
Toronto, Ontario M6B 1V9
Tel: (416) 649-1655

Israel Elwyn
20 Henrietta Szold St.
Jerusalem 96502, Israel
Tel: +972 2 641 5448
Fax: +972 2 643 0495

Contributions to the above are tax deductible.  (In Israel, contributions are tax deductible according to Section 46A of the Israeli Income Tax Regulations.)

If you would like further information on Israel Elwyn's menu of giving opportunities, please contact us by using the Contact Us form or by contacting Israel Elwyn, American Friends of Israel Elwyn or Canadian Friends of Israel Elwyn at the above addresses.

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