Community Residential Services

Israel Elwyn's Community Residential Services (CRS) comprise a continuum of supported residential services in apartments and homes in Jerusalem and Herzliya. The system aims to provide suitable supports and guidance for each resident, according to his or her needs and level of functioning, in order to achieve the goal of residing in the community, independence and inclusion. To enable this, support staff in each home help guide the residents in their daily lives.

The CRS has four support managers, a coordinator and a director, as well as a behavioral counselor and two psychiatrists. Additional services are provided as needed on an individual basis by other professionals.

All of the residents work or are in work programs located in their area: Adult Day Center, Work Activity Center or Supported Employment (supported work in the community). In the afternoons the residents participate in recreational activities of their choice. These activities take place in community centers, clubs and recreation centers in the region in which they reside.

Israel Elwyn has six apartments and a home in Jerusalem, and three apartments in Herzliya, including an apartment for senior citizens. Each apartment has six residents, the home (itself divided into three apartments) has 16 residents, and the senior citizen apartment has 12 residents. Men and women share each of the residences.


Adults over the age of 21 who have developmental disabilities and may or may not also have physical or other impairments.

Referral Procedure:

Applicants must apply to the social worker in their local municipal welfare office for evaluation and placement. The next step is according to Israel Elwyn's internal acceptance process, which includes home visits by professionals whose goal is to determine the specific needs and most suitable supports for each individual.

Volunteer Opportunities:

We welcome both individuals and groups as volunteers, mainly to assist with social activities and activities for weekends and religious holidays. A special need is for people to visit specific residents on a weekly basis.

For further information:

Jerusalem:  20 Henrietta Szold St., Jerusalem 96502
Tel:  02-641-1212/641-5675 Fax:  02-642-4111
Herzliya Office:  5 HaPius St., Herzliya
Tel/Fax: 077-321-2266
Mailing address: POB 566, Ra'anana 43000

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